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(Little Brown) : Fishing Report




Date(s): (7/3/09)

Time on Water: (5:00 AM – 9:00 PM)

Temp/Weather: (60's)

Wind Speed/Direction: (NW )

Waves: (Rough)

Surface Temp: (??)

Location: (Hughes Marina)





Total Hits: (2/2

Total Boated: (2

Species Breakdown: (1 Kings, 1 Bows)

Hot Lure: (White and black Stinger, Green w/Crush Glow Spindoctor with Green-Glow A-TOM-MIC Fly)

Trolling Speed: (2.4 mph)

Down Speed: (?)

Boat Depth: (150-180ft)

Lure Depth: (60-100 ft)




(I sent some txt msgs last night to Brett to see if he wanted to fish today...When the alarm went off ay 3:10 am I noticed I had 3 msgs in reply....they went something like this: 1)Get online and check the wave height.....2) I think it's going to be too rough....3) I'll go if you want to!...It is good to have a fishing buddy that has the same disease!...Yes my name is Jason and I'm a fishaholic!)

So we ventured out of Hughes at 5am, set the riggers down 40 and pointed Little Brown North. Even though the compass said North, the GPS said NorthEast (The wind and waves were brutal!) We marked pockets of fish here and there and some bait in about 150 when the rigger broke free and started peeling line...Brett grabbed the pole and started reeling...i cleared lines when I saw how hard he was fighting (every 50 ft of gain it would peel more line). As we got it to the boat, we were pretty dissapointed to see an 8# Steelie had tail-wrapped itself...still a nice fish though. (2.3 GPS on a NE troll, Black and white w/white belly stinger down 60 over 150).


We set lines back up and pointed west into the waves when the wire out 300 on a 2 1/2 over 180 starts screamin line! It didn't stop until it hit 530 and then the 1/2 hr battle took place...I would gain 50 ft and he would take 30! we had him within 20 ft of the boat what seemed like a dozen times but he just wouldn't get w/in net range until finally we boated a nice 23# King. I've been fishing the Big O for 2 1/2 years now (still a rookie) and this is my first Derby King! What a rush! Thanks Brett for getting me out!


I know there's a good chance she won't hold the board, but it's great seeing my name up there!

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How did the picture look out in the 150ft to 180ft area.... We were out the other night out of hughes and screen was blank past 75 fow... we did 2 small browns in 50-60 fow on glow frogs and lost another on a dirty white boy.... Do you have down temp on the little brown..... Should be out on Sunday morning with my 21ft Sylvan if I can put a crew together.... Woody

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no down temp.we mark small pods of salmon occasionaly.we see them better on the screeen cruising slow when we're on our way in or out,they seem to be picture shy.might have felt like we fished till 9pm but it was only till 9am

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bretter I understand about the fish being screen shy as long as they are biting... We will give it a whirl on sunday....

Stan have not seen the sun in some time... Also we have had several inches of rain in the last month......

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Nice work guys.. that's the stuff that keeps you coming back for more!

I feel like an armchair quarterback this year, watching everything happen from the sidelines all spring and living thru the stories being told on the site....

Hopefully Jason's head doesn't swell up too big to get thru the door at work on Monday!

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Im at Hughes right now. and the winds a wippin.

Ill give er till noon to settle down if it dont Im heading home.

3 derby kings out of Hughes.

I cant seem to break 17lbs.

Nice fish.


SEE ya outthere

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Thanks all!

It's a blast fishing out of hughes...we hit the browns pretty good in the spring there too (Lost a derby brown at the back of the boat)...It's amazing what a good fishery we have.


That's why I sent you the txts, so you can fish vicariously! You're doing the good stuff with that new little one at home. That's why I won't be out tomorrow...In church w/the family. (Vince..I'll be praying for wind!)

If any of you guys are available tomorrow, sneek out w/Brett...He's a blast to fish with! Just watch out when a rod fires! He'll run you over! :lol:

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