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I run 9'6" older Daiwa Strike rods for my wire rods. They have a stiff backbone (Heavy action) and are long enough to avoid tangling my corner riggers. I've used them for years and they have yet to wear through the guides. However, I have changed the Twilli tip on them twice.

Many guys use Daiwa Heartland rods as well. Since most of us run wire rods with Dipsys, or a similar directional diver, it makes sense to pick a rod with a stiff back-bone (Heavy action) to hold up to the stress of the diver. I think the Daiwa Heartlands only come in 9'6" and 10'6" in the Heavy action rods made for Dipsy's.

For me, I like my wire rods no shorter than 9'6", simply b/c I can run a longer leader from the Dipsy to the lure and so that they can clear my other equipment.

Good luck,

- Chris

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I am kind of new to dipsy rods only been using them for 2 seasons now. but I have the

Okuma Blue Diamond 8ft 6 in Wire Line Roller Rod , don't mind telling you there sweet

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I'm also running Daiwa Heartlands in 9'6 and 10'6. They are a couple of seasons old now and still look like they are new. I also have 9'6 Daiwa Firewolf rods (cheaper model than the Heartlands) for my braid divers and a couple of coppers. For the price you cant beat these rods.

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