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Muskies(redcross fishing derby)

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I Would like encourage all you musky guys out there to back an effort to remove the musky category from the redcross`s reeling for relief fishing dergy.This year they have included them into a category for their derby(cash payout event).This is a two day event which is going on this past sat and ending today.In order for a fish to be entered it MUST be removed from that water(waneta)and transported several miles to a weigh station.As we all know these fish are fragile and cannot withstand being out of the water for any length of time(a pic and measurement are about it).My problem with this(and it should be yours too)is that they will be removed for"profit".I was down there this past weekend for some fishing and was bothered by this whole thing.I met a guy down there whom was very tourqued about this (another musky guy-zach)and he even had a couple guys from pa ask him for his 40"fish that he was releasing.That should sum this whole thing up for you!!!!!!

The derby site is http://www.reelingforrelief.com

There is also some buzz over at http://www.mostlymuskies.com

I called the redcross saturday and only got an operator,she told me to call during work hours-she did listen(for 15min as i layed out my opinion of their derby)and was cooperative and understanding.I invited them to visit the hatchery and see just what a valuable resourse these fish are-they should not be killed.I will convey this messege come monday to those other an operator!!i hope you will too.

So i invite you to send emails make phone calls to the redcross to get them to reconsider their position.There is but one lake(900acres)in their "fishing zone"which harbors the musky and that is waneta which is fed by chautauqua fry from the pendergast fish hatchery(of which is the only one in ny).I have fished(many others as well) in a catch and release tourney on chautauqua(08) by capt larry jones to benifit this hatchery and give aid into feeding the musky fry for relaese,i don`t want my donations to support a catch and kill tourney..how `bout you????We need to preserve these fish.We practice catch and release for a reason... so we can enjoy hooking into a large specimen and therefore preserve them for future generations NOT for someone to collect a cash prize for!!So take a few minutes out of your day to help out if you can


Bb Solley

This was caught and released from waneta 1 1/2yrs ago -42"...i`d like to see `er now!

Date on pic is wrong..


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Glad to hear that the phone calls made a difference and the director of the tournament (not a fisherman) will be changing that category for future tournaments to protect the species and keep the high ethical standards the RC is known for. Way to go Solgrande. :yes:

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Anybody who weighed in a musky was problably a lucky guy who didnt really know better. Any real musky guys wouldnt even think of killing one for any reason including a mount. (Can get a graphite reproduction)

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Hi, My name is Daniel Flatt and I serve on the board of the Sullivan Trail American Red Cross and I was mostly responsible for continuing the derby this year. I am also not a fisheman, but I understand how important fishing, as a sport, is to our area. I volunteered to work on this tournament to benefit the American Red Cross who provides services to all of us.

In our discussions in February, It was brought up that a new category would help serve an unmet population of fisherman. This was Pike and Muskie. Since it was a new category, we put them together and made only five positions available for prizes.

Slipshot and 2 other people at this meeting were there to assist us in making the tournament fishermen friendly. One of these gentlemen recommended adding Muskie to the competition. We had NO negative input regarding the muskie category from any of our advisors.

Now it appears that this thread is upset that the tournament has a category for Muskie. If this was brought to the attention of the board far enough in advance of the tournament, we certainly would have addressed it. I just heard about this issue this morning. This issue was never broought to my attention by our local director.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Obviously, we will not have these in a cetegory next year. We trust our advisors to keep us informed of the current wished of our areas fishermen.

Dan Flatt

Multi Media Services


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anyone here up for having our own release tourney down there. seems to be getting better. i'll throw down $20. heck, i'll even be the person to measure the fish for everyone.

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Hey Zach welcome to LOU!

Glad to see another Musky guy here. Last year we had the Mark Troy memorial Tourney at Waneta. It was run by Mr Toothy who was a friend of Musky angler Mark Troy. I have not heard anything about it so farthis year. He is hard to get a hold of but I will give it a try and let you know what I find out.

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There will be a memorial tournament in october it is put on by mr.toothy(jim reynolds and bob saucke)for their friend mark troy.He holds it every year.I`ll find out the dates and post them.But one for this site would be fun too!!!I`m in.

bob S

welcome zach

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