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Raymarine SPX5 Sport Drive A/P

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About 3 months ago our Raymarine ST5000 A/P failed on us so we needed to get a new one this unit was in the boat from day one so we where very happy with Raymarine A/P. So I did some surfing and looked and talk to some boat owners who had different brands and came to the conclusion that I wanted another Raymarine. So after about a month of waiting for it because it was on back order we got our new X5 Sport Pilot, installed it, used it twice and it stated making a very loud noise then it failed and would no longer steer the boat, so I called Raymarine who gave me a Fed-X number to ship it back. After about a week I called them back looking to get an update found out that this was a problem in the sport drive and that they where receiving a lot of failing units back. So I been calling for about a month now just to try and get a ETA as to when it will ship, and all I get is “That these units are made in the UK and they have NO ETA as to when they’ll receive them†Today “7.20.09†I received this from Raymarine:

As customer safety is of paramount importance to Raymarine, we have decided to initiate a voluntary recall of this product. We have identified a potential component problem with the SPX5 Sport Drive Pilot product which we have sold between February and July 2009.

As a result the mechanical clutch assembly may fail, causing the steering of the vessel to lock in one direction, with a possible risk to the safety of the vessel and crew.

Customers must stop using the products immediately and arrange de-installation and return to the retailer/dealer from whom it was purchased.

The retailer/dealer will arrange for a replacement or, if preferred, a refund.

We are sorry for any inconvenience or concern caused.

No other products are affected by this recall.

Please don’t take what I’m saying about Raymarine the wrong way they have been very help full and I’ve been able to get them on the phone very Easley, and they do understand my frustration. I just wanted to pass this information on, I still believe that I made a good choice, but on a unit that was to new to the market.

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