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Power of Prayer Could use some tonight!,and today for MUSKY!

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As we all sit here winding down and relaxing ,our good friend, POPS..Musky bob is laying in the hospital today after suffering severe Tingling in his entire left side (not from nobama)..Possable stroke(light) or some pinched nerves due to riding out the 3 to 5 ftrs sat in the pro am....he said the nurses are cute and very friendly (hope they were female) the docter hasnt been in yet tonight for prognosis from todays test . They well be doing all the stroke related test tomorrow so we need to PRAY FOR LONG NEEDLES , AND POSITIVE TEST RESULTS THAT WILL GET "OUR" MUSKYBOB ON HIS FEET AGAIN,ok skip the long needles part, I ant no Bible basher but do belive in the power of prayer. So lets give the Lord thanks for what we have, and for the test on Muskybob to not show any serious condition...I love him like my 2nd DAD, and hope we all can find a moment to ask for guidence ,thanks,and a safe Musky.



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Ray, I will team with you in prayer for Bob, I too am a believer in something greater than us all, but not sure if I understand the cosmic workings of it all. Just know it doesn't hurt to think of him in his time of need and wish him godspeed in his recovery. Thanks for letting us know Ray.


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Our prayers are with Musky....he is always here when ya need a question answered...very nice gentlemen.

God bless and best wishes on a speedy recovery.


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Thanks for the heads up ray.

Like you ALWAYS say " THAT BOB IS GOOD PEOPLE " And yes he is good people, I found that out for myself this year. BOB you are in our prayers AND everyday thoughts. Hope all works out because I still need to get you-ray-tom-mark-vic-mike-nick and any other L.O.U. gang member out with me this year!!!



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I've never met you or Musky, but I feel like I know you both from reading all of your posts here. My prayers are with Musky, I've been in a similar situation and I'm sure he will get the best of care, and be out on the water soon.


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My man Muskybob!

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery from whatever is ailing you and we ALL hope it's nothing serious. Maybe just indigestion from to much Adirondack Salmon Chowder :D

My prayers are with you :yes::yes:

When you get better there will be :music::dance::beer::pizza::drink::poolparty: and :mooning::clap:

Darn Vic probably stuck something in your tin hat over the weekend and it has you all messed up :swear:

Boy Ray leaves ya alone in the Pro Am for 2 seconds and look what happens..............

You catch fish :o:lol::lol::lol::lol:

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