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(Mud Chicken) : Fishing Report




Date(s): (7/24/09)

Time on Water: (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM)

Temp/Weather: (75°F and sunny, overcast, rain)

Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at 8-10 MPH)

Waves: (1-3 Footers)

Surface Temp: (67°F)

Location: (fishing location)





Total Hits: (10)

Total Boated: (8)

Species Breakdown: (6 Kings, 1 coho,1 Lake Trout)

Hot Lure: (NK28, Black Spindoctor with Green glow A-TOM-MIC Fly)

Trolling Speed: (2.8 mph)

Down Speed: ()

Boat Depth: (100-140 ft)

Lure Depth: (40-6 ft)

Got a late start out of Hughes today due to something called work. Fished with Tim (Finders Keepers) and my boss got set-up in 120 fow and as we set the last rod the Portside Wire rod went with a black spin doctor and a glow green Atomik fly, boated a nice king. Rods got quiet for us and everybody else fishing, so we kept at them and changed some things up and about 2 hours later all hell broke loose the core rod went with a nbk with the knot in the water, then the wire rod went again with a green echip and green crinkle fly went with a major screaming 500 feet of wire before the wire got hung up on the spool somehow and broke the wire.... I will be taking a trip to abes to replace a bunch of stuff from that. Nice pick after that of Kings with the other wire rod and core rod.. We picked up a nice 9lb Lake Trout on the black spin doctor with green glow atomik fly and then a one eyed coho on the only rigger shot just before the storms were coming in down 52 over 100... Best action was 100-135 fow for us....Could not be happier going 8 for 10 with such a late start of fishing... Talked with Holy Mackerel on the vhf and they were picking away at them today also... Good talking with you boys today.. Going to shoot for sunday morning, wife ain't going to be happy bout that... Otherwise maybe weds or thurs....... Woody.

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Hey Kevin I did not get out Sunday due to my daughters birthday party prep. They usually hang on channel 68 out of Hughes.... I will talk with you wednesday night and will be hitting the water weds. and thurs.... Dale

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