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Just wondering if anyone uses any of the scents on the market and how they have worked.

Some people use them here on Lake Champlain and I didnt know if it would be worth bringing or trying when I come out to Lake O in a few weeks. Some of the products I have tried are:

Smelly Jelly which I found if not totally wiped off your lure afterwords will ruin the finish.

MegaBite made by mustad

Smeltrite made here in Vt

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I use Pro-Cure gel in the spring for browns and it works great. Tried using smelly jelly and Pro-Cure for salmon but haven't noticed any increase in catch like I did for the browns. Not a very scientific test but just what I've noticed.


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Man that is the $64,000.00 question. I live out here on the west coast where both of the products you listed are made. You will find out here 50% swear by it and 50% don't believe it works. My theory is there is a lot of items on the market that sure do catch

fisherman and that you can take to the bank.




these 3 catch fish, but what order could not tell you when the hook is in there mouth.

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I don't know about you guys, but I am fishing for fish that find their way home by their sense of smell!!! I use it and think it helps.

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