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42 second??


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That was a spoon designed by someone, probably a Charter Capt. and Dreamweaver developed it. Thats how most of the spoons you see today was originally designed by an Ontario Fishermen. Not just spoons, flashers and flies have been designed by what was successful on the water. Great stuff.


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that spoon has been around for a while now. Longline is right is right the original two spoons were nk and silver streak green thunder with ladder tape. Both dreamweaver and stinger have their own version of the 42 second spoon out now due to the popularity of it. So, really it depends what brand spoon you like.

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This is my version. Similar components. I call my version the "dinner spoon" because it seems to come on in the late afternoon/evening bite. I like the Fishlander or Silver Streak Blue or Green Thunder blank better.


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