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Spoonfed & Irish Knots Team up for a 15 for 19 shakedown

1 Rainbow and 14 Healthy lookin Brown's.

Fished the west end of Mexico Bay 39-40 Degree water.

Spoons & Sticks on light line was the preference!

Choppy early but layed out nicely first wind/sun burn of the season.

Thanks again for the lesson Glen

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Sweet report, sure would have been nice to see some pics of the silvers. Not lloking good for the snow amounts, 6-12 and it looks like you might get 12-18. I will see you tomorrow.


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I had the camera in the boat to but the biggest fish was only about 7 lbs and we didn't kill any so I like to get them back in the water as soon as I can. If we hit one over 10 we would have a shot with Chris and the fish. Hopefully next time. :)

Enjoy your day.


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