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REELJERKS Report Aug 2nd 2009 I-Bay area with pics

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Date(s): (Aug 2nd 2009

Time on Water: (6:00 AM –1:00 PM)

Temp/Weather: (75°F and sunny, overcast, rain)

Wind Speed/Direction: (SW at 13 MPH)

Waves: (1 Footers, Calm)

Surface Temp: (?°F)

Location: (Off The Genny River)

LAT/LONG: (32Wx22N to 47WX21N)




Total Hits: (Too Many)

Total Boated: (Lost Count)

Species Breakdown: (All Kings except one bow that got off)

Hot Lure: (FAMILIAR BITE, Spoons, Spindoctors with Flys )

Trolling Speed: (2.0 to 2.8 mph)

Down Speed: (1.8 mph to 3.0)

Boat Depth: (130 to 260 FOW)

Lure Depth: (50 to 95 down)




Great Morning on the Big Lake O.



Willy with a Twenty Two + pound King


Kids at gas dock amazed at the size of the fish, they did not know Lake O had such big fish in it.


Willy with another pair of Kings, One of the 3 doubles we did that morning.


Another Pig!!


Notice the fish board. My Uncle Bill is such a JERK. When he made our board a few years ago he put Ontario Lake instead of Lake Ontario, What a JERK!!


48 to 53 down 65 to 95

Most fish today came on the Wire Dipsey rods out 180 to 300. Hot set up was FAMILIAR BITE behind an 11" green stick and 11" purple stick. Riggers set 60 to 95 down also took a few fish. Seems like green spoons have been hot the last few days out there.. Copper did not fire for the 2+ hours I had it in?

Lost a Dipsey, Flasher and FAMILIAR BITE bait head!! had a huge fish on that ran towards the boat only to turn and run away from the boat. SNAP All gone!!!

Also had the 300 copper and a torpedo diver get tangled with a dipsey good by 300 copper.

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Absolutely phenomenal picture! Thanks for sharing. :clap:

I really like the new fishing board. I need to become confident in catching more fish before I dare to order that fishing board. I only landed one 11 lbs king in 3 hours of trolling yesterday. I would not be proud if if I had just one fish just to hang on that nice fishing board.

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Way to go Mark!!! You had a sweet box o' fish at Mayer's yesterday....

We got out last night with a decent screen around 160', but we got hammered by a crazy storm (40 mph winds, 5 footers, hail, 50 feet of visibility) so we motored back in after only 15 minutes of rods in the water with our knees buckling.....

Needless to say, it was the strongest storm I've ever been in and ever want to be in on the water....

Great fish bud!!!

- Chris

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Pike Hunter;

Don't be so hard on yourself. It will all come in time.

There's days out there people are catching fish all around me and I don't do so well.. Call me on the VHF and I will help if I can.

That's The meaning of Lake Ontario UNITED When Steve Drave "KING ME" and I started this board some 6 or 7 year's ago one of our goals was to bring the west and east ends of the lake together, to share info helping others.

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Nice pictures! What VHF channel do you monitor when you are out? I am also at Mayars and am getting back into the Big Lake fishing after living in NH for 12 years. A lot has changed since then and it is a chore to catch up. I enjoy this site tremendously - thanks for setting it up. I was wondering about the name, but now it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the tips and we will probably see you out there this weekend!


22' GradyWhite Seafarer


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