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Bear Creek report 8/3 PM

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:




Date(s): 8/3

Time on Water:5-8PM

Weather/Temp:rolly water

Wind Speed/Direction:NE>SW

Waves: 1-2

Surface Temp:

Location:Ginna to Pultneyville





Total Hits: 5

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown:42ndspoon & E-chip/ Mirage fly

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed: 2.5-2.8

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 170-220

Lure Depth: 55-90




Headed out with a decent chop out of the NE and wind switch abruptly out of the SW with a nice washing machine effect. Very little on the screen and it was a slow start. Interestingly, all the action was on the riggers compared to two nights ago. Rigger fired with a screamer and after a newbie fought the fish for 10 minutes, all of the sudden the weight was gone but still had some action on it. Long story short the weight increased again and finally pulled up the rig. Result was about 10lbs of weed and a shaker. After some brainstorming we figured the inital screamer shook off on the slider and the shaker was on the whole time and somehow picked up up the kelp in 200ft of water. Go figure. Anyway had a couple knock offs and finally managed a nice steel. Full moon is out now so hopefully it won't slow down the bite.

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Good job on the fish - the lake has been fantatic these past few weeks... FYI - there has been a lot of sub-surface debris lately and we have been picking up a lot of stuff on the rods. It only takes one rig not "looking" right or working right and it'll ruin your spread. We check our riggers and wires every 15-20 minutes or so and twice last week as soon as we cleaned 'em off we had a fish on within five minutes. Bottom line, if the rod doesn't look right, the Dipsy's are "pulling" more, or more importantly the hot bite quiets down, check your rods!

Later - congrats on the fish,

- Chris

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