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Smallies may be in differrent depths or locations


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There were a few posts back about smallies on the lake possibly being in deeper water in the Hedges area or further east of Hedges, past Bear Creek. Any reports of catches? I'd like to get out and give it a shot. I remember 3 years ago or so where my buddy and I would have contests as to who could get to twenty first within an hour! There somewhere! They haven't disappeared. Despite the gobies. Any info. would be appreciated.



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J -

I have heard decent number being caught off Braddocks but the size of the smallies has been more impressive than the numbers. I caught a few earlier this year that were just stuffed (presumably with gobies). It was amazing they would even consider hitting my lure seeing how fat these fish were. I haven't been out in a while now but I am sure with a little patience you can find them all around the lake as they are starting to make a good comeback.


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Thanks for posting,

I keep my boat at the Newport House, or should I say it used to be called the Newport House. So, I know about the shallow largemouths, I've caught some very nice fish on a tube jig or plastic worm right off of the docks, as well as in Devil's Cove. I'm looking to take a few friends out for some lake fishing that doesn't involve downriggers, maybe I'll stay in the bay.


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