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Fishing Report

Boat Name: Jolly II





Time on Water:9:30am

Weather/Temp: ~70

Wind Speed/Direction:10-20/NW

Waves: 3-5'

Surface Temp:~70

Location: Hughes Marina





Total Hits: 4

Total Boated: 4

Species Breakdown: 2 browns, 1 chinook, 1 steelhead

Hot Lure: Stinger NBK

Trolling Speed: 2.0-2.5

Down Speed: Dead Battery :@

Boat Depth: 120-150

Lure Depth: 100-110




Not a spetacular day of fishing, but still caught fish :) .

No down speed due to a dead battery, but used my old temp probe for down temp.

Themocline was deep, 53 degrees with 120 feet of cable out.

Controlling Boat speed was deffinately an issue for us. Seemed to be a strong easterly flowing surface current, plus 3-5 footers didn't help much, wish I had the Moor up and running

Marked fish and bait from 80' to the bottom, not a great picture, but not a bad one either.

Stinger NBK, statndard size, took 3 fish down 105. One nice brown about 10-12 lbs.

No big chinooks, just the one about 10lbs. Kept him for the grill.

Just a side note, found the biggest alewife I've ever seen in that chinooks stomach. It was closing in on being an NK M-80 size alewife. I think mag spoons will be ran in my arsenal for the rest of the summer.

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Chris good job on the fish for just a few hours of fishing.... I did not get out tonight because it took me a little longer than I had scheduled fixing my lawnmower and since it has been a cold and rain filled summer it was a priority to get it back up and running..... Dale

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You probably didn't miss out too much. Wind was stiff from the NW when I was leaving work.

Hopefully the south wind will blow for a couple of days and bring in some cold water. Fishing deep in rough weather is a lot of work, but still a lot of fun! :)

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