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king of the lake registration


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does anyone know when they send you an email confirming your registration? I sent the money in two weeks ago and figured i'd have an email by now. I've tried emailing them but i keep getting an error message saying that it can't be sent. Just trying to make sure everything is all good before the deadline is over.

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I got mine within a couple hours...maybe less. It did go into my bulk/spam folder though.

Here is what it contained Matt:

The Email address it gets sent to is:

[email protected]


Hey guys,

Thanks for your application via Paypal and The King Of The Lake Promotions. At this time we require some information to complete your file. Please fill all the blanks.

Team Captain

Team Name

Captain's Address

Phone #


Boat Type


Cell Number

Once we have tallied all information you will receive all information required to make your tournament a success.

Thanks again and we look forward to serving you and your team.


Robyn Charrois

Tournament Administrator

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Glad to be able to help Matt. Just the Scotty for us. We are not scheduled to arrive until the 17th. We'll be out all week Pre fishing so I'll see ya guys on the water. Good luck if you fish the FHC :yes:

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