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I went to Fair Haven for the weekend with my son and father. My father started getting sick just as we were departing for our 6+ hour drive. Saturday morning I came out of the shoot to find four to five footers from the west. We headed east to troll with them. Hit two browns in front of the beach within the first twenty minutes. By this time my son was sea sick and pretty green. At the end of the beach we turned the boat around to go back through the spot. Now heading into the waves, just made every one feel worse (dad and son). Fought the waves back to the shoot and came in. The forecast was for the waves to let up so we returned at noon.

At 12:30 came out of the shoot to find three footers, much better. Son was feeling good; dad was just ok after a nap. We managed five more browns in the next four hours and called it a day. The sun came out and had shut the fish off for us for the last two hours. Waves were about a foot when we quit.

Sunday morning we woke to cold temps and rain with spitting snow. Waves were 1 to 2’s. We came out of the shoot at about 7:30. We took the same east course as the day before. The three of us trolled around for three and a half hours with nothing to show. Decided that due to the incoming storm we were going to troll into port and get ready to leave that afternoon. Just outside the shoot on the way in we hit two fish to end the trip.

All nine browns were between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds estimated. The majority of fish came off a 3.5â€Â

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Nice talking to you on the VHF on Saturday. Glad to see you got into a few fish. With this snow & rain we've been getting lately, I'd guess that the brown trout fishing will remain pretty good close to shore for a bit.

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No Adam it is not. This was kind of a last minute trip as a shake down to get ready for the bar. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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