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Dunkirk, August 8

times two

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So here's the story.......

I have a very enthusiastic group for today.....so I get on the NOAA forecast yesterday morning for Saturday, and it says 10-20 mph, going to 15-25 mph, chance t'storms and showers.....so I call the guy and tell him that it doesn't look good, but let me check the 4 pm update......SO I do that, and it is slightly better, but still not great, so I tell my wife that I think I need to move these guys....and she says....why don't you wait until

the morning....so then I call the guys, and they say, we want to come, its not that bad a drive, if we can't go we'll go out to breakfast.......LET'S WAIT UNTIL MORNING.......

OK...call Gerb (my mate today)....tell him we are in...........

SO I check the 4 AM update today, winds are knocked down to 10-15 mph, no rain on doppler, guys are early all is GREAT....so I tell them....the fishing hasn't been very good of late for walleye at all, but the lake trout fishing has, so lets slide out west, try for 'eyes for a while and see if the lake rolls as expected....if not, we may move out to try the lakers.....group is cool with that...just wants to catch a fish....

So we set up and mark some good stuff 8 miles from the harbor, and pop a walleye really quick, not big, but a good start, ......I tell the guys, Man, last week in the Con Club derby we would have killed for a couple of fish on Saturday....and we get a sheepshead, then another, then another, then another, then another.....I tell my

Gerb who is driving for us, we need to get the heck out of here...so he turns us out, but all of the sudden, bam....3 more 'eyes in the box....now I'm NOT moving....

Long story short, we box 18 walleye today, plus a bonus brown trout, and easily lose 8-10 other 'eyes, and land a couple of smallmouth in the 5lb range!! On a calm lake!! Unbelieveable!! 10 color with a big green chatterstick, DW WD's in copper watermelon and buffalo bill of the 50-60 riggs; a couple on a big watermelon

harness on the slide at 160; a couple on the chicken wing DW SS; 145 no ring and the MOJO DW SS on a big slide, mag ring, 125. AWESOME!!

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Capt.John please tell me that trip wasnt a fluke ,the lake ontario fishing is getting a little old I know ,Iknow I like a good rip on the drag as much as anyone else but after a great year on ontario im ready for some challanging catching with a tasty ending. if the weather permits and" their there" maybe later this week ill spend a few days in dunkirk.

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John.. Thanks for the great report! Glad to hear that things are picking up out there. We'll be heading out to Barcelona on the 20th for another five day shot. Hope to get in more that 2 half-days like the last trip! My buddy told me a charter brought in a 40+ pound laker at Dunkirk last week just missing a new state record! Leave a few eyes for me... please. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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As much as I hope yesterday was a sign of good things.....I'm hesitant

to say that until we string a few more together. You all know how tough

its been this year, and I doubt we will see Ohio fish.....but We roll Fri/Sat....so

we'll see.

The report of the big laker is true. 40.5 when the finally got it on a certified

scale. Came aboard Small Fortune Charters in Dunkirk. Word is on the boat

scale, which they verified using 10lb cannonballs....it was in the 45 lb range

when caught.


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John- THAT'S the kind of report that I am used to seeing from you!! Obviously there are some schools out there (like the one I found in July) that makes a decent box. My wife and I will be up this weekend- what time do you usually get back to the dock? I will probably make it to Dunkirk Saturday about 5 or 6 pm-I would like to stop and say Hello.

Good luck this week and nice job.


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