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Dipsy trip arm setting

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How loose do you set the trip arm on the Dipsy. I think mine is to tight, I've lost a lot of fish after the hit. Any help is appreciated. thanks!

What OTL said plus

You'll also find you'll have to adjust for whats behind them lighter for spoons, heavier for dodger/spinny and fly and also for SPEED.

If your losing fish but not the rig you might be too light.... trial and error...you'll get a feel for it after awhile

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I know that every new dipsey that I buy I have to monkey with the release. It seems that even though there is an adjustment screw the plastic is always to tight. I take the screw out and pry open the seat with a screwdriver, put the screw back in and everything works perfect. After that I just run them out 10-15 feet and try to pop them. Then like everyone else said just trial and error. Just my 2cents.

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