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Shooter bucks this 2009 season!!! UPDATED PICTURES 8-24-09

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jerry looking forword to it...call me in 2 years to hunt your farm,like rob said apples dont give deer there winter holdover fat ,plus the apples ant ripe till the horns are hard,,, but animals get a lot of there needed vitamins and minerals from the plants they eat and when you got well ballanced soil (farms orchards) it can do wonders for antler grouth due to the proper PH/acid soil the plants grow in...hope you dont drop a bag of "acorne rage" in front of your camera bout now...hint hint

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Thanks Ray,

I have to go now to Gander mountain with flier. Be back in 2 days. WOW #50 pound bags!!!

Make it 3 days i will be back.


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Is this camera setup in Mendon Park or Irondequoit?

I was with him when he was changing the batteries. I was holding the flashlight and watching his back with the machete. On our way in, I did not see any "carry-in, carry-out" signs or "freebies golf" baskets... just farm equipment and fruit trees.

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