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Has anyone used the 360 HT fishing rod holders from Cabelas They appear to be very solid but are made of some type of a plastic type material. The price looks reasonable but am a little concerned if they will take the rigors of salmon trolling.



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Don't skimp on your rod holders! Good rod holders will last you a lifetime. I personally use Traxstech rod holders but there a lot of other great quality rod holder companies out there. Spend the extra $ you won't regret it.


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I personaly love the Angerl's Pal holders. All aluminum, fully adjustable to any angle and they hold up great. I have some on my boat that are almost 20 years old. I will say that my buddy likes the RAM Mount holders. Very similar to the Angler's Pal, but if you are patient Cabela's puts them on sale every now and then. I need the versitility though. I fish for just about anything, perch, walleye, salmon; running boards, dipsey's, riggers... I have three up each side of the boat and have never needed more.

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Cisco Fishing systems are the best on the market IMO. Infinite adjustability and lifetime warranty, pricey but they will last a lifetime and will never need service.

They have 2 different cradles which are awesome for divers or you can get the tube style. they have a ton of different mounting options for any boat and set up your choose.




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The Cabela's 360HT is a Scotty PowerLock rod holder branded as Cabela's. I have a PowerLock mounted on my boat that I use for trolling without a diver. I started using divers this year and was concerned about the strength of the PowerLock. I contacted Scotty's and they said it would be no problem as long as you use it with the "lock-down" mount (post has a tendency to ride up).

I tried using it with a 107mm diver, I'm sure it will hold up but I didn't want to take the chance. I looked at the tube/track systems that most guys here use, but was way too much money for me. I ended up mounting a couple of Salty S-10. Great rod holders. If you need to walk around, the rod butts will likely get in the way. I only got a small 16' boat and they are mounted at the back, so it's not an issue for me.


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