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Had my canvas resewn and was a good value


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Robert Hayes Canvas Works

6897 E. William St. Ext.

Bath NY 14810


as per a search a few weeks ago I found this name and number in a post by FISHINMAN aka Tom

I took my canvas which includes a mooring cover and top with clear vinyl windows and clear side curtains to this gentleman to be resewn, he quoted me $75- $85 over the phone, I figured ok

after he finished in an 1.25 hours my charges were $47.25. :)

Before I did my search on the the lou board,

I inquired with an (unnamed) mobile outfit who hits the Canandaigua marinas and he quoted me $300.

Thanks Tom and thanks lou board for saving me some bucks, my boat is in Woodville at south end of the lake so I only had to drive a 1/2 hour to Bath.

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I grew up in Bath, and if this is the same Rob Hayes that I used to hunt ducks with, he's definately a stand-up guy. I'll have to remember this post when it comes time to redo the canvas on the Nothin' but Net. Thanks!


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Thanks for posting Troutman! Looking to have something done this fall/winter with my canvas. It's getting pretty rough, better for keeping the sun off of us than keeping us dry. I hunt down there in gun season, the timing might just work out.


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