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Trailer tire wear


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It wears the inside of the tire. I have put two on that side and the other tire looks fine. It is only on one side. That is why I think it may be a spindle to axle line up problem. I didn't think about the rim. i could rotate the tires and see what happens.It may help isolate the problem.


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if its a single axle ya probly bent the spindle also next time or sooner!!! you pull the wheel make shure both bearings are good and check the spindle weld points if ya wacked it that bad you might have some real SAFTY concerns that will be a LOT more expensive and it ant gonna break in the driveway and at 40 to 60 bucks a pop for tires a 2 or 3 hundred proper repair will pay for itsself in no time not to mention the peace of mind... and if the trailer is getting old spend the 2000.00 now before you dump 3 or 4 hundred in repairs ( i know money is tight for us all but were talking fishing here whats more important food or fishing)

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