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Sandy Report 8/14 and 8/15

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: School Master


TRIP OVERVIEW fished Friday night and Saturday AM


Went out for a quick trip friday night. Decided to fish lakers for a few hours. Ended up something like 11 for 13- largest weighing in at 15.02- currently 4th in the Orleans.

Hit the water early Saturday AM. Took one king 24.5 lbs on Spin Dr dipsey. Had two more misses as well. Three steelies- largest was 9 lbs on the riggers- moonshine glow purple. One 8 lb Coho one the deep rigger. About 10 AM switched over to lakers. Hit another 8 fish in a bout an hour. Largest was 12 lbs.

The fishing was so good, I decided to take my 7 year old son out for an hour or so in the afternoon. Fished for about 15 minutes and hit this 10 lb laker.



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He's come and gone, July 31 thru Aug 4. We got out that Sunday for a few hours, his 5 year old caught a few small kings... it was pure chaos around the house with his two kids and our newborn, but very fun!

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