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Smoking hot on cayuga


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Sunday 8-16. We didn't get on the water till 7. We found nothing but weeds on the east side above myers. Moved over to the west side and found fish. Between 7 and 1 we boater 21 lakers and 4 landlocks. We found fish rocky dock area and north. We kept our diggers parked at 60 and 70. Our dipseys were shallower at 195 & 215. Down speed was 2.1. Everything came on green - spoons green with white cups and green s/d with green fly. We had alot of fun our biggest laker was 11.5 and our biggest LL was 6.9. Everything was good sized. Lost one big fish on our only cheater fish. This fished pulled drag then parked then pulled drag again and broke off. Cheater was wrapped up in the split ring of the bottom spoon. Fishing like this makes it tough to work mon through fri. Mower out.

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Hello Mower: That is awesome, nice landlock! Next year you won't have to work Monday through Friday after around April, good things are coming back to us regular people as long as you believe it is coming! Splitshot if you read this I cannot make the tourney on the 19/20 do to a local barn party that happens every two years, sorry. I will be up soon and let you know when, closed on the land near Ithica last Tuesday.


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