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I-Bay 8/15 Am and 8/16 PM

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Fishing Report





Date(s):8/15 and 8/16

Time on Water:8/15 5:30-8 AM; 8/16 3-8 PM

Weather/Temp: sunny, 80's

Wind Speed/Direction: SW <5 mph both days

Waves: <1 ft. Sat.; Sunday dead calm

Surface Temp: 77-80 degrees

Location: I-Bay noth and west 200-250 fow on Sat, 250-400 fow on Sunday

LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): 32-37 lines W




Total Hits: 14 or 15 (4 on Sat, 10 or 11 on Sunday)

Total Boated: 12 or 13

Species Breakdown: ALL kings (surprisingly NO steelhead)

Hot Lure: see below

Trolling Speed: 2.2-3.0 sog

Down Speed: 2.2-2.5 mph

Boat Depth: see above

Lure Depth: see below




Great fishing all around...

8/15: We could only fish a few hours so we tried to make the most of it. We stayed around 200-250 fow and boated four kings - all between 10 and 15 pounds. Most fish were taken near small bait "arcs" on the graph. We didn't find huge pods, but there was enough bait to hold fish. Steady north troll was best, between 200-250 fow. Lure details:

Wire Dipsy: - #3, 240' out, Kelly green spinny/Siggs Green Krinkle Fly took two fish

Rigger: 115' down, 42 second with black ladder and glow ladder tape took one fish

Rigger: 115' down, free slider with an NBK took the fourth fish

8/16: Just got in from a hot bite and hot temp. No breeze at all and consequently the black flies were out a little. Nonetheless, the fishing was great. We had two doubles and landed three out of the four fish. We fished a bit deeper than yesterday b/c we heard about the good steelhead bite. We started in 400 fow and worked south. Every set-up took fish tonight - largest fish was our second 27#'er of the year, along with several other mature 20+ kings and we boated around 8 or 9 tonight. We fished out typical king program, but had a few steelhead lures on the sliders which took kings, but not one steelie the whole weekend. We concentrated on a south/south west troll today and it worked great. Lure details:

Wire Dipsy: #3, 240', Kelly green spinny Siggs green crinkle fly took several

Wire Dipsy: #3, 280', Green dot spinny/hammer fly took one

Rigger: 115', 42 second NK 28 took the 27# king and one or two others

Rigger: 95', NBK Stinger took a 20# er

Free slider: on 95' rigger, DW SS Matt Rock special took a major king

Free slider: on 115' rigger DW SS Steelie Dan took one

Good luck to all - I should have a cell phone pic or two this week,

- Chris

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Awesome! I never made it out fishing this weekend... we just swam and relaxed, had a few hours each day with the inlaws watching the baby...

The offshore program was always interesting how one guy could whale the steelies and another the kings. It is completely speed related and not always fast versus slow for each species.

The most obvious story I have for this one was back around 1990, I needed a day off, so my brother worked the charter in my place out at the Oak... it was a very foggy late August day after a northeast blow, they got into a very hot steelhead bite and were close to there 20 fish limit by 10am... I got out late and battled the fog with a few friends, set lines and immediately hooked up with a 33lb king, reset lines and hooked up with another big guy that weighed in at 33lbs as well. Both were just shy of top 20 material back then, but this day has always been a lesson as to how different it can be out there for two boats in the same area. I used to work for Butch on Shongo who was a textbook 2.2mph troller, but always had a good steelhead program and felt that once the steelhead started to go, then the Kings would follow as you began working waypoints and baitpods offshore.

Great job on such a flat calm day out there!

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Thanks Hans - man that's a great story to have two 30+ kings on the same trip!!!!

You hit the nail on the head with speed - we kept things around 2.2 mph at the ball for the most part on Sunday, but it's great to know the kings are still in there....

Take care,

- Chris

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Chris, it has been a pleasure reading your post! With so many fish that you have brought to your boat, pictures may not matter much unless it is the 27# monster.

After listening to my wife to rest my back for nearly two weeks, we went out for three hours with just one rigger. Without explaining why or what, I spent an hour working on the darn rigger and finally got it to run. Then, I couldnt find the torpedo weight. This happens when you re away from your boat for a while.

Saw many bait and fish between 180 and 240 FOW. Just one hit -as a buddy fought fish on 500' copper with gator spin doc and atomik green crinkle fly before he lost the fish. Had to head back to take care of the rug rats.

tight lines.

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I typed quickly in my recent post and I had to re-read your post. Now, I want to say something "TWO 33# in ONE DAY!!!! :o That is one terrific experience!

By the way, it was nice to see you get out with your wife last Friday.

Tight lines.

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