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Thursday hit up the area between 5 stacks and the nuke plant. Had a slow steady pick all morning and ended the day 9 for 14.

Friday hit up in front of the salmon river where we hit fish earlier in the week and they had disappear, we then ran to nine mile to see that they wheren’t biting nearly as good as the day before. We ended the only 2 for 3.

Saturday we fished our area between 5 stacks and the nuke plant and was able to generate 8 bites and boated 1 dink brown and 3 nice salmon including a 29lb 12 oz which is on the leaderboard at the moment. After day 1 we where in 9th place 1 spot out of the money.

Sunday we fished our area again but in close 75 to 115. We boat 3 salmon, 2 browns and a steelhead by 10. However, we heard the bite was good again out near sandy pond so we made the move and it paid off. There was bait and hooks everywhere on the graph and the temp. We were able to boat our other 2 fish right off then decided to make the long home to make sure we got in on time. Well it was a good thing we did because 300 yards past the pier heads we ran out of gas in one tank and couldn’t get the engine started once we switched over the tank. By the end of the day we jumped 4 teams to 5th.

The fishing was very tough so hats off to every team and it was nice meeting and talking to a bunch of new guys. Hopefully we will see you all next year.

Baits: mag spoons especially monshine carbon 14, the oh-baby fly made by siggs rigs paired with a crazyfish spinny, and an atommik uv green fly paired with a hammertime spinny the rig that took the 29 pounder.

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Matt...great job by you and your team on a top 5 finish!!! I met One of your crew members (John) while he was cleaning that 29+ lber on saturday...awesome fish!!! How you guy's catch fish ,when the fish just aint 'bitin ,really amazes me.....again....great job. Choo Choo Steve

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