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Port Bay 8-24-09 Report

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Tim Thomas / Finders Keepers




Date(s): 8-24

Time on Water: 6 - 10:30

Weather/Temp: Mostly Cloudy 70

Wind Speed/Direction: light north becoming west 15-20

Waves: 2' building to 3-5'

Surface Temp: 73

Location: Port Bay





Total Hits: 5

Total Boated: 5

Species Breakdown: 4 Kings, 1 Coho

Hot Lure: Black Green Dot Spinny / 42 Second Fly

Trolling Speed: 2.4 - 2.8

Down Speed: ??

Boat Depth: 100 - 170

Lure Depth: 70 - 80




Got on the water a little after 6am with showers along the shore. Had a 1' chop from the north along with 1-3' rollers from the west. Set-up over 65 fow and worked out. Hit a skippy king at 115 fow down 82 on the rigger on a glow frog. Worked the inside waters for a bit more with nothing doing and dininishing screen, so we worked out a bit deeper and hit a honey hole over 140 fow where we doubled up on kings (24 and 21 lbs), one on the 72 ft rigger on a chartruese echip w/ aqua hammer sushi fly, the other on the wire out 380' pulling a black with green dots spinny with a 42 second fly. Swung back around through that waypoint and hooked up again on the same wire and landed a 16 lb king. Swung through again and hit a 12 lb coho on the 72 ft rigger, same sushi rig. The the front passed and the wind really kicked up with the waves building to 4+ ft and we called it quits. On the way in we saw 2 really nice waterspouts to the east off of Fair haven.

I'm hoping to get out tomorrow if the lake calms back down... 8)

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