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Thanks but no thanks...I release ALL muskies caught ,and encourage others to do the same.To fragile of a fish/fishery to be removing any in my opinion.This is a small body of water that will produce large fish if we just let them grow,this is done by catch and release fishing.

released for another day!!!


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I wish it were me. But I could not take enjoyment in such a discusting thought!

I got a recipe for you.

Dozens of fishermen cathing and eating the lowest density fish in all of the fresh water systems= NO FISH!

I hope this is some SICK JOKE! :no:

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Well I hope you are right Nitro. However we have at least one confirmed case of catch n cook on Waneta and not due to a bad hooking or anything other than the simple "want to eat them attitude"! It is within the law to do so. However if we don't say NO GOOD who will?

So I say to the guys who want to eat Muskies- Please don't, go catch some pike or walleye to eat! Thay are easy to catch and way good!

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thanks for eating our fish buddy!


i release all of mine and if you are eating them, i am sure that they are the most toxic of all the fish in there because of their age. i like to eat deer. the differance is in three years you can have a nice deer. in 3 years muskies are what 20 inches? it takes alot more time to grow a trophy musky than a trophy deer. eat more deer. i am sure that no one here will give you any recipes. at least i hope so.


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