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smallies on the south shore?

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Captain John / 33 Cruiser's/ In the Spirit

has anyone heard of (or) enjoyed catching smallmouth bass on the south shore? They're practically non-existent near Rochester.

Standing by....

Catch them all the time. In-shore.

Look for rocks and docks/piers.

Many times 10 ft or less, casting.

Sometimes trolling 15-20 ft.

It's tough to find the right structure.

Many parts of the lake have none.

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I use to go to Fair haven opening day from 86 till about 5 years agowith 4-5 of my buddies on my boat. drifted my hand tied buctaills in 10 -25 ft . Some days we would boat 200 keeper bass. Their were times all on board would have a fish on. It sucks now . Gobys rapping at your jigs . very aggrvating. VHS did a job on them I think . We fish the bay for Largemouth now.

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I have fished my old favorite spots near Sodus and Webster numerous times this year and the bass are just not there. One or two is a good day now. The good old days seem to be long gone.

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Few weeks back I was out diving in an area that was once infested with smallies. Im telling you it was amazing. Not only did i see the smallies, they were big. I have got to assume that these hogs are picking golbies at their own leisure.

Yesterday (Aug 29th) with the lake overturned, I witnessed several smallies (in shock) floating on the water. anybody see this? I was talking to another fisherman and he witnessed this as well.

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