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East Erie... 8/20 - 24

Sluggo / NY

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Spent five days trolling for walleye out of Bacelona over the past weekend. Fishing was a bit slower than the previous weekend, but we expected that of course! We did average eight to ten walleye per day, but most of them were "schoolies" in the 3 to 5 pound range. Perfect eater's though! For numbers we were doing best in the 65 to 75' range between Barcelona and Dunkirk. We moved out off Brocton shoal for the big fish, but found it pretty slow out there. We did manage a few over 8 from the deeper water. Sat. and Sun. we stayed off the shoal as many of the MWC tourney guys were targeting it. The weathermen out there need to go outside and look around once in a while. We're crashing through four footers and they're saying the lake is one foot or less? We got caught by a nasty storm on Friday and spent two hours working back to the harbor.. couldn't keep the fizz in my beer! As usual.. had a great time. Hope to get in one more trip out there before it's over! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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