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Friends of mine were fishing the Niagara bar last Monday and caught this king that weighed just over 40lbs. Unfortunately, they were not in the LOC. ;(;(;(

The King was caught on an A-Tom-mik hammer fly




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The fish was taken to the taxidermist and he called in some of the local charter captains to see the fish. From what I understand, Bill Hilts weighed the fish. I'm not 100% sure of that but he does have a small article about the fish in his most recent fishing report. It is hard to believe the fish could be over 40 lbs! By the way, the fish was weighed 3 days after being caught so who knows what the fish really weighed.

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Bill Hilt's doesn't say who weighted the fish or where it was weighed. Here's what appeared in his article about this:..."And speaking of the LOC Derby, every year we hear about the big fish that didn’t get away ... but the person wasn’t entered in the derby. It happened again earlier this week when Traci Johnson of Youngstown was fishing near the red buoy marker on the Niagara Bar. Johnson normally gets into the derby every year. This year, because of a recent move, she opted not to fish it. The end result was her catching the king of her life, tipping the scales at better than 40 pounds. She was using a flasher and fly to take the lunker fish.

Here is a link to the complete article: http://www.niagara-gazette.com/archives ... 22856.html

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