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Lake Erie water temperatures

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Last night's satelite pass showed temps in the low 30's for Eastern Lake Erie. The western basin has low 40's. It won't be long for the river and canal to turn the Bar on. Get ready now. When we get to the mid 40's we should have a go.

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Guest ReelDiel

yt, what time did u go to the river ....lower right? my bro fished the bar today and he said around 12 or 1 some chuncks were just starting to make there way down. 34 degrees by the green can they boat 1/2 dozen lakers or so

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You guys fall for this bet every year! East of Cleveland (Lake Erie) the shore line temp ran from 62-66 DEGREES (Cleveland is hardly at the western end of the lake in an near shore puddle) Charter boats reported around 50 degrees surface temp from the US shore all the way to the canadien shore from Sandusky and Islands west to Toledo.Today is only Sunday, Yankee want to go double or nothing on 70 degrees on mon? What is left of the ice at the east end will be sitting in 40 degree water soon Niagara Bar fishing will be right on depending on the winds and warm rains this week. Good luck as I know many of you will be there first week of May.



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Dear Erie/ice watchers, Looked at the niagara ice boom camera @ 7:30 AM, TODAY. Ice cover is now only along south view. Probably will lose this ice by tuesday evening. Actual Buffalo Harbor temp is 36 F!! Actual offshore Erie temp @ west end is 42.6 F. AS POSTED BY THE NOAA buoys. I put little faith in "local reports" from persons "in the trade". Their talk always leans towards the positive side of "Catching fish" and wave heights! The LOC derby dates should be right on the target @ the Niagara Bar,( if the winds come out of west). If the wind is predominant east for two days at that time, that 35.6 Cold Lake Ontario water off Oswego will force the fish & bait to St Catherines/Welland Canal area. Better buy the Canadian license or a 10lb. bag of "Rabbits feet" marked "West Wind forever" With gasoline @ 3.00 gallon, I will wait for the first day after the derby! Less boat traffic and you won't be too early for the fabulous Niagara"King Bite"!.....Jet Boat Bill

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I don't know guys. Looks like the water's mixing to me.





Never been my dream to go to Cleveland, but I think it's just west of line "C".

But regardless, It's warming up fast.

Tom B.


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