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Looking to have a Salmon mounted. I would like to hear your thought and recommendations as to who can do this kind of a mount?

I would like to have it done with a wood back ground painted with lake scene and the FAMILIAR BITE alewife in front of the Kings mouth attached to a FAMILIAR BITE 4 fly Tango daisy chain.


Thanks in advance.


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Mark, I would have to agree with SplitShot. Capt. Paul of tristate does some phenomenal work from what I have seen. There is no doubt that the next target I plan to have mounted that Paul will be doing it. Nice fish by the way, and congrats on putting it on the board-Duane

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After much research, checking taxidermy forums, blogs, wed site's and such.

I have decided to go with Paul Czarnecki of tri state taxidermy.

My thinking is who better than a fisherman, Charter Captain and a member of this web site to mount my Salmon.

I found alot of useful information on this web site and accidentally saw Paul's work and post on this site also. I have learned a bit of what to look for and who knows what.


Thanks for the all suggestions.

PS Paul told me he would have the fish finished in a month for me..... :lol:





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