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Dunkirk 9/1

times two

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After the weekends hard blow from the west, and waterspouts, I thought

it might have killed the fishing, but all reports from Monday were really

pretty good. 80-100 fow west of Dunkirk.

Decided to enjoy the nice afternoon, so I took a half day to fish with my

8 year old today. We did 2 eyes right off the bat, 10 color with a green

chatterstick, no weight. Little bit of a lull and a couple of junkers and

we took another on a 225 slide diver on 2; DW chicken wing, and dropped

another on the 10 color. Only fished about 2 hrs before my son decided

we needed to go introduce the walleye to some hot peanut oil!

Should be good if the wind stays down!


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