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P-Ville Fishing Derby

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Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that the p-ville derby went pretty well. We had 19 boats in it and altough it was a little rough some nice fish were caught.The top prize was 475.00 and was taken by Jim Van Hoof from Fishlander Charters fishing out of Sodus. Jim had a nice salmon 26.6 lbs. Second place was 330.00 and was taken by Ryan Williamson also out of Sodus. Ryans fish weighed 24lbs. Third place took 175.00 and was taken by Fishful thinking out of Sodus too. Their fish weighed 18 lbs. The pig roast was really good afterwards too and overall the whole day went off pretty much with no snags other than the uncontrolable mother nature wind.

Next year I hope to have more prizes to go along with the cash prizes. I hope to get more boats involved if possible and make this into a small derby that people look forward to fishing every year. If anyone has any suggestions to help make it better please let me know. Remember that I cannot control the weather.

A big thanks to all that participated and good luck with the rest of the fall derby.

Tight Lines and Big Fish

Capt. Jerry

Dandy-Eyes Charters

P.S.- Sorry no pics for this year but, next year there will be.

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Thanks Jerry for putting this on. We had a good time trying to put at least one fish in the boat, but unfortunately we logged the first skunk of year. Mother nature and the fish just did not want to cooperate this past weekend for us.

Looking forward to doing this again next year.

Chris J.

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