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Fishing Report

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Time on Water:


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Fished Sandy on 8/31 with my wife. Because of the water so warm on the inside we shot right out to 350 fow and started trolling out. By the time the 4 rods were set up we had 2 steelhead and 1 breakoff. 400 - 430 fow 80-100 ft down we were doing a good job of catching steelhead and kings but we weren't into good matures. Biggest steelhead 8 lbs, biggest king around 21 lbs. After a couple hours the bite really slowed down. I worked my way into 200 ft fishing 200-180 fow 60-50 ft down we had a triple right away. 2 kings on 1 rod - 1 king on the other rod. My wife thought she had the monster fish of the lake. I usually don't run cheaters when fishing for big kings. The cheater was a 'getter done' spoon running above a white protroll flasher with an echip. Green mirage fly. The king I had on was about 22 lbs on our scale. I got that in first. Both of the ones on my wifes line were well bigger than that. Finally, the cheater one broke off and she got the one on the protroll with echip in. That was 28 lb 4 oz. Alot of excitement at that time. Anyways, we caught more fish than we could count and probably lost about 6. Biggest King was the 28lb 4ozer. Biggest steelhead 8lb 7oz. Great day on the water.

On 9/1 we went out at the Genny in the afternoon until 7PM. I went right out to 400 fow because of the warm temps on the inside. We found fish right away at 400-430 fow. 90-110 ft down. Steel head and Kings but smaller than what we were getting at Sandy. Just picking at them. So I worked my way inside at 100-120 fow the fish were laying on the bottom. Found temp 54-56 degrees. Picked up a few more fish but nothing over 25 lb's and right off the bottom with spin doctors and protrolls. Just can't seem to find any big ones. The fishing was a lot slower than at Sandy but we did pick away at them, lost a few and caught 8 or 9 (we don't keep count). We'll be going out of the Genny Saturday and Sunday. Also, when we were going out we saw the LOU member in the Key West. He waved to us. I was in the 17 1/2 Alumacraft with the soft top. We were just heading out.

Hope everyone does well this weekend. Maybe we'll see you on the water.



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