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Quarrow Noodle Downrigger Combos SOLD, THANK YOU.

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Two 9 foot graphite downrigger trolling rods by Quarrow #DRC902L. Foam grips, hook keeper, 12 guides ea. Rated for 6-12 poind test line, light power. Two years old, used very little. Two reels, Okuma Convector 15D, 300yds/10# line capacity. Excellent for spring brown trout fishing. $150 for everything, or rods $50 ea, reels $25.

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I don't have pictures. They are a little under two years old. Okuma just got done modifying the Convector when I got these. The drag is improved. The color is also different. The company changed them from blue to black.

They are a heck of a nice reel. I've got two of the CV30DLX & use them on my riggers.

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