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Summerville Pier


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Still quite a bit early for trout (browns/steelhead) but if you stuck it out from sunset to sunrise you could tie into a king...Still a little early but you have a chance as my friend fish's every year on August 27th for his birthday and has landed kings with out the lake having a major up-welling...

Even at the height of the run this is very fickle fishing...You should hope for 1 bite and be greatful for anything more, but some nights i've brought up to 5 kings to the pier casting glo cleos...

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I went out on the pier this past Friday from about 8pm to midnight. This was my first time fishing for salmon. We fished w/ egg sacs. The general consensus among the other anglers was that it was just a bit early for there to be many fish. We did see one large salmon that was lost at the pier. The gentleman was using a little Cleo, orange and gold, if I am remembering correctly.

Eventhough we didn't get a hit, it was very enjoyable and I plan on doing it again soon.

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