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Luck E Reel

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I've been up on Ontario the past few weekends and although I seem to pull off the lake with at least one or two steelheads, I'm not hitting any kings.

First year for trying spin doctors and flys with zero success.

I have tried running them close and also long behind the riggers.

10' - 140' back.

Running over 50 - 500fow

Just curious if there is a good suggested distance to run the rigs behind the riggers.

Still searching for that king.

Thanks for any replys.

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Average distance for me is 8'-35' back...

Deeper I am fishing the tighter I usually run the attractor/fly to the ball...For example if I was to put a rigger down 100', I would be using a 8-10' lead...If I was going to say drop the rigger to 60' I would start with a 15' lead...

I always tend to start shorter and lengthen every time I change out the rod until it starts getting bit, if i've streched it as far as I think necessary with-out any bites, i'll start with short leads again...

These are just generalizations and sometimes the fish prefer shorter, or longer leads no matter what depth they are, just experiment and the fish will tell you what they prefer for that time...

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if the dypsys are fireing and the riggers ant (with spinnys) shorten the riggers to the same length as the dypsy leader 6 to 8 ft. specially this time of year when the salmon arnt real agressive..if its whiping in a big circle they will pass it up (sometimes) ...the shorter length is critical for lakers on the pond and the fingerlakes too! I always keep the spinnies tighter than 15 ft ,with the shorter length being being the ticket this year about 10 ft. More important are the 3 s's speed,speed,speed this time of year 1.9 to 2.2 mph down speed..

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