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dirty democrats!!!!!


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I just read my latest edition of the "new york outdoor news". It seems as though our wonderful friends in Albany have passed an amendment the to PFD laws without telling anyone till after Gov. Paterson signed it. "No owner or operator of a pleasure vessel less than 21 feet, including rowboats, canoes and kayaks, shall permit its operation, between Nov. 1 and May 1, unless each person on board such vessel is wearing a securely fastened United States Coast Guard approved wearable personal flotation device of an oppropriate size when such vessel is underway". Maybe it's just me but is this a load of crap or what? You have to love New York where you are free as long as you are doing what the government tells you to do!!!!

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I agree with you Gambler. They're all crooked.

To me it's another potential way that they can make money from us without taxing us. I don't think it's for any increase in any kind of safety. My boat is 21', but I do have a 14' motor boat I like to use in March just after ice out. I think I'll take my chances, if something does happen while I'm trolling that early, I'll just stand on bottom and walk to shore. LOL

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