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First Ever!

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My boyfriend (zach) took me out to Waneta last night and I caught my first 2 muskies ever! I only got a picture of the first one though, because I forgot the memory card to the camera, I left my phone in the truck, and by the time we caught the second one, Zach's phone was too dead to take another pic! The first one was 31 inches and the second was 32. Both were caught on a bright Tuff Shad. I made Zach hold it for the picture because I didn't want to get bit! Another boater was nice enough to come over and snap the pic for us. Later this morning, Zach got a fat 43 incher on a perch bait right before we left. In a total of 5 hours fishing, we caught 3 fish. It was a good time, and now he calls me "Muskie Lex" lol


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Way to go :yes::clap: Nothing like putting that first ever musky in the boat. Sounds like you guys had a good program going there - maybe you consider getting into the Chautauqua tournament coming up ;) We could always use another LOU member! Congrats again guys!

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