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Oak, Labor Day Weekend


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Chinook (aka "Heavenbound") is hooked up


One of our doubles


A 12 yr old tagteam effort on this big guy.


A new fly pattern I made up last week behind a Jenson dodger took this one. Metal dodgers were very productive for us this weekend including our derby fish.


Me and my boy with our derby fish.


Another angle of me and Yankee


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Eric, thanks for the pic of the boat. Congrats to you, Ethan and Rick for placing kings on the board this past weekend. I'm sure Ethan will remember this weekend for the rest of his life. The number of times we passed and you were hooked up which he was battling a big guy, he looked like a pro at the rod. :) You have taught him very well. It was good fishing with you this weekend and hope to make it back to the Oak one last time this upcoming weekend. Duane

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Hey Hook, whaddayamean my sabre ain't as pretty as Eric's? LOL! Mine's 2 foot shorter, a few years older and doesn't have that nice kicker pocket, it is blue. Maybe we can have a sabre parade/salmon drive this weekend. "DAYBREAK" on CH10.

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Hey Eric, I have a few pics of HP when we were trollin' opposite east/west. I'll try to get them to you. I'd be grateful if you send that pic. We still want to get up a few more times before I'll be huntin' ducks in the NE zone early october.

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