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Outer Banks Fishing


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Spent last week in the Outer Banks with the family and friends. Weather sucked for the first few days high winds, red flags and rip currents. Weather calmed down the last few days so we were able to do some surf fishing ... something I've never done before.

We caught a pretty good assortment of fish, "croakers", bluefish, a sting ray and a couple of red drum. A couple of pic's ...




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I actually borrowed equipment from my mom's husband, they use to live in Delaware so he had some surf fishing gear. Other guys rented equipment, $8/day or $20/week. The guys at the bait/tackle stores were really helpful and got us set up with rigs, bait and good advice.

Bob's Bait & Tackle in Duck and Corolla Bait & Tackle in Corolla.

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