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Dropped in around 7 and fished till 9. Boat had some overheating problems so we couldnt troll down too much and had to keep throwing it in Neutral to rev the engine. Finally called it quits at 9. Plucked a nice 8lb bow off the boards on my noode rod and that was the ony action for the morning.

That is until I came back with the bass boat and loaded up on some LM, most of them were small though.

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I also droped in for the first time on 4/22 and I had the same problem. Overheating @ trolling speeds. When I Increased RPM boat temp drops. WATER PUMP/IMPELLER.

I pulled the boat and she's back in the drive way. I saw that 2 of the gaskets were worn thru on the pump assy, from sucking up sand I think. I put a new pump kit on.

I did not line up the shaft & gear right and striped the lower shift shaft... Ohhh it gets better. I discover another optional problem lower shift shaft bushing is just about worn thru. Now the entire out drive is split in half and in the garage until I can order the parts for her.

Anyone local have a Mercury engine / outdrive alignment tool I can borrow??

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