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Beef with left/ right hand trolling reels


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I am right handed and learned to crank the reel with my left hand and cast with my right. When jigging with a bait caster I buy left hand models (crank is on the left) because this is the most comfortable.

All of my trolling rods have hte crank on the right. This is unnatural for me, but I deal.

Anyhoo, I'm in the market to upgreade to higher end rigger rods/reels. It appears cabelas Gold is the only company that sells a left hand crank (left handed) unit. Are there other makes/ models?

Does anyone else have this issue?


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Okuma makes a left hand reel for trolling purposes, too. I have both the cabela's gold (2) and okuma's(4) on my boat. Okuma left hand a little harder to find. I have the same problem since bass fishing with spinning tackle since I was four. Look around at different websites. Good luck.


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I have 2 of the Okuma Convector CV30-DLX which are left handed cranks. I've never had a problem with them & like them a lot. Other guys that get on the boat don't like to use them so I put my best lures on them and use them myself. :lol:

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The okuma magda's and convectors are hands down 10x better than the Cabela's reels.

We have swapped most of our stuff to okuma- magda's on the downriggers and convectors on the steel rods.

We started off with the Cabela's trolling reels (still have 2 of them on the downrigger rods), but we had a bad week.

Blew out the drag on one with a king on. That was a feet for the old man to bring in a king with no drag.

The others have had various problems with the line counters and randomly free spooling.

The okuma's have never failed. The convector pulled in 800' of steel and a 30lb king with no problem.

The magda's are a nice quality and very smooth.

Head to head- I would get the okuma's....

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