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Worth going tomorrow

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You can't catch fish on your sofa - get out there tomorrow and fish. Listen to Yankee and head out deep. We'll be out tomorrow morning (with Coleman actually) and I'm heading right out to 225' and will head on a NW troll until we hit 400 fow.

I've said this 100 times, last year we fished offshore in August/Sept. and filled our cooler almost each time out. The fish are smaller, but they're better for catch-and-release and you can tie into some schools of steelhead and coho.

Good luck,

- Chris

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YT and Chris,

Thanks for sharing your comments on this topic. With continued eastern wind, offshore seems to be the way to start for tomorrow morning.

I wonder if the cold temp will move the salmon away from running up the river. My original thought was to start fishing near the mouth of the river before daylight and then head up north.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.


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That's a good bet Anthony. Cant hurt! But, don't waste the time in there if rods aren't poppin! I'll bring my laptop and try to post a report Saturday afternoon from 4C's marina. Give you guys an idea for Sunday maybe. Who knows maybe I'll blank on Saturday!

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