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Yankee @ The Oak 9/12-9/13

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9/12 - We headed out to 40' of water to give that same line a try from the previous week. The screen looked decent, but the fish that were there had lock jaw! We played in there for an hour or so before we made the decision to head offshore. We set up on the 28N line and worked our way out to the 34N line. We picked fish the whole way out and then on the way back. The waves made for some interesting footwork. Each member of the crew fought their fish sitting on the cooler. At times we had waves as high as our flybridge. It wasn't very fun, but at least the fish were cooperating. We ended up going 6-14. Mostly Steelies in the 4-9lb range and a small King. Our program consisted of Stinger Gator Glows on the corner rigger parked at 60', Stinger 42nd's parked at 65 on the other corner rigger, and NK Copper NBK's on the center rigger parked at 50. Our wires set on a 3 setting out 120 and 150 took a few shots with an NK 42nd Mag and a Dreamweaver Gator Mag. The 10 color down the chute (knot in the water) popped a few times pulling a Dreamweaver VQ Green Dolphin.


9/13 - On this morning we figured we would give the wall a shot considering a few boats took 2-4 Salmon off it the morning prior. Well, by the time we got out there were 25 boats trying to fish 1 wall. We made one pass and that was enough battle for me! So we headed out the Steelies we played with the day before. We stopped in on the 29N line and trolled out to the 32N line. We took 1 shot in about an hour on a Stinger gator Glow down 60 on the corner rigger. Waves weren't as bad as the day before, but it still wasn't any fun out there. One guy got really sick so his crew felt bad for him, and we headed back to the dock.

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Fishing was fantastic over the weekend for us----the catching sucked.

We took an 11 lb steelie on fri and a 9 pounder on sat and three throwbacks. With the NE wind and snotty seas we didn't feel comfortable heading out near the border in our 19' Grady so stayed inside the 31 line. Still nice to be on the water and even broke even at the Niagria Casino friday night.

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