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What dipsy do you use and why?


What size dipsy's do you use?  

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  1. 1. What size dipsy's do you use?

    • Size 1 dipsys
    • Magnums

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2.5 setting with spinny on wire 30lb 350 ft out .....dont go by the dypsy chart it ant right ,i ant no expert but ive been on the water over 2000 hrs in the last 2.5 years and 50% of the time i got dypsys down the other 50% is time ive wasted reeling in fish on them ,oh 2.2 to 2.4 mph down speed the 3 to 1 ratio with wire is pretty close, actually it dives deeper than that like 210 on the wire will hit 80 to 90 ft bottom ive cleaned enuf zebras off the hooks to prove this ..All i try to do is help folks on this site and any where i can i dont post bs when it comes to fishing (tho ive been known to toss in a funny now and then) i remember the basic learning days like they were yesterday and want to help others get into the fish faster....BUT WITH that said every trip out ima still learning and gots a long ways to go thats what keeps me comming back to the pond...One of these days me and the big boy will meet face to fin (i hope),....oh dont forget every reel is not the same or accurate the dypsy reels i have know i have measured up to 300 ft with full spool in front of ny house with 10 ft accuracy so i recomend everyone do the land work before you do the testing on the water(just dont run it across the road darn busses) P.S. if you bust on me anymore ill post another tip to help anyway i can I will never missguide anyone when it comes to fishing or hunting ( unless its during a Pro Am :lol: )

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