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today's rant....wind forecast

times two

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My brief rant of the day.....

Sometime, somehow, someone needs to explain to me how you get forecast

"updates" in late afternoon, around 9 pm and again at 4 am, all of which

call for 3-5 waves on Lake Erie, diminishing to 1-3 feet late afternoon and

then at 6 am (a mere 2 hrs after the last update) when you look out the window

there isn't a breath of wind, and the lake is virtually flat!

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John, I hear you. I had a family vacation at the Oak from July3-12 this past summer. Wave forecast for most of the week was 2 feet or less. Well a low pressure settled off the East coast for 4-5 days and gave us waves of 2-4's and rougher on most occasion. I always take the innertube for the kids and never once had to inflate it for the lake that week mostly was by all means no way what they forecasted- Duane

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