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Daiwa Sealine 47LC Reels

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"Daiwa Sealine 47LC Reels"

A pair [2] of Daiwa Sealine 47lc reels not the cheaper acudepth, used little,.the drags work, counters work good and they are not all sun bleached and these are off of a private boat.these reels are great for running dipsy's on wire line. $100 PLUS S/H

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Saw the same @ Dicks in Vestal 106.00 ea + tax

I looked at these and he sent me pics...defintiely in great shape, but they are not the same as the SG47LCs that they're selling @ Dicks- this is the Great Lakes model.

Would've picked em up myself but for muskie trolling I need the lower 4:1 and a metal spool. pretty bummed they didn't meet my needs :@ as they definitely are a great deal for someone looking for a reel meeting these specs :yes:

surprized they haven't been snatched up yet :o

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even normal SG47LC's won't fill your needs then.... only the newer model, SG47LCA. LC's dont' have a metal spool, whereas the LCA's do. that being said, i don't think you'd have a problem with the graphite spools.

thanks- you're right...I didn't make that clear regarding the different models.

umm no..graphite unfortunately will not work fo muskie...maybe some brands' graphite is more durable than others but pulling baits with a 2-3+ inch lip at over 5 mph (to potentially 10) WILL put excessive strain on the spool...that's before a 30-40 lb fish literally slams the bait to nearly a standstill. another member here had two graphite spools blow up (albiet another brand) but Im not taking that chance when spending that $$. can ruin a good trip, vacation or tournament - which can each cost more than the difference in price between good and mediocre reels... thanks tho...

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Just received the reels today. I had been in contact with Emptystringer before you fellas spoke so highly of the reels. You make me feel better about adding them to the arsenal. Now for trolling do you recommend they carry mono for boards or riggers, or are they better off with copper or wire? Remember we just started this August using 2 dipseys and 2 riggers, (have 4 LC 47 Accudepths), but with a family of 5 on the water, we're hoping to have a planer setup for Spring.



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