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trolling for musky

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between 1.5 and 10 mph :)

seriously, a good starting speed is between 4-5 and make adjutments from there if they aren't hitting.

other will probably chime in with different rules of thumb, but tonite Im typing with MY thumbs... so that's all for now ;):)

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fast over the summer(4.5mph+) i have got them routinely over 6mph this summer- when it gets below 60 degrees start slowing down(3-4mph max). at the end of the season nice and slow. and remember not to troll in straight lines. making turns speeds up one side of the spread up and the other side will slow down. for me they have been hitting the faster outside lures as i turn. lots of turns will get u more fish in my book. last fish at waneta for me was on a big 10" crankbait (perchbait from legend lures) going 5.2 mph making a sharp turn so the lure was actually going close to 6mph. last weekend the slowest we got a fish was 5.1 mph- fastest 5.8mph. i change speeds often. most of the time speeding up instead of slowing down. its just what i do, others may do better slowing down but not me. good luck and mix up speeds often while making lots of turns trolling and your reels should start singing before too long. good luck.

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